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Robot Workshops

Below are our recommended robot workshop providers, click on the links to visit their website, or fill in the contact form and your enquiry will be passed on to them.

Zobotics Robot Workshops for Schools

Zobotics use a problem solving approach in their workshops. Children are allowed to explore, learn through play and by making their own mistakes.

They have a range of different robotics kits and their robot workshops are suited to ages 10+.

Zobotics workshops cover scratch and python robotics.

They work with mainly Secondary schools and some Primary.

Robotics Kits

We have selected the best robotics kits for the classroom. These are easy to use, set up and give students a chance to learn by doing.

Vex IQ

Our most recommended kit.
This kit has everything you need in order to bring robotics to your classsroom and make it part of your curriculum. 


This is a very low cost controller board, we recommend it for ages 12+
It is harder to get started with, as it requires some electronics, but definitely worth the investment.


Qobo is a cute snail that is programmed using cards. We love this, because the programming can be done without a screen, getting kids physically involved in their learning.

Tech will save us

These guys are absolute geniuses! Their kits teach a range of skills that include sewing, electronics and coding. 

To enquire about any of the products listed, or to ask a question, please get in touch.

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