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Who are we?

What we're about

Every year we inspire and excite thousands of students across Bristol, Bath, the South West and London.

With us students learn that STEM subjects are fun and accessible regardless of your background and percieved intelligence.

Using robots gives them something that they can feel. They understand that what they do and the programs they write has a direct impact on how the robot behaves.

This makes students feel empowered and sets them on the journey to improve their self esteem, confidence and teamwork.

We leave a little bit of magic - a combination of awe, understanding and curiosity - with every group of children that we work with.

Knowing that we have opened doors for them that, otherwise, they may have never looked into... that is how we measure our success.

Why do Schools work with us?

From high end independents to small pupil referall units, schools love what we offer and  kids can't seem to get enough time with us, here's why:

"You're fun"

Ultimately this is the main feedback we get from kids - how cool is that?!  We have a pact here at Restech: 'We will never forget what it was like to be a kid at school.' Using our memories we pack in a load of stuff that we know kids will like and we always talk to them on the same level. Looks like it works!

"You're clever"

This is feedback from both kids and staff. Yes, we know what we're talking about because we work hard to ensure our knowledge in this field stays up to date. We are always either teaching or learning.

"You inspire and you're unique"

We bring the unexpected to schools, kids always tell us that they didn't realise STEM was like this and teachers tell us how impressed they are by our different teaching style. Awesome.

"You adapt"

All schools vary in thier resources, expertise and student behaviour. Sometimes, plans have to chnage on the day. But, as feedback tells us, we're always ready with back up plans and flexibility, so every student always gets a great experience. Cool.

Giving children the cofidence to fly

Our Expertise

This is what we do, day in day out.

Our specialism is Teaching Robotics.

Our Director of Education, Zan, is a roboticist and her job has always been teaching kids programming and robotics.

In her spare time, you will find her in the lab learning new programming languages and/or developing new educational material to use for teaching.

"I'm always looking for new activities that we can do with students, not your typical 'lets make the robot follow a line'. I want challenges that relate to real life, something that excites kids but also where they can see a link to real life and industry".

The rest of our team, those responsible for the kits we develop and the online resources, are all experienced programmers and makers who are able to take complex topics and make them simple and accessible.

Most importantly, everyone at Restech, is passionate about passing on important knowledge to the next generation.

A bit more about us:

1. Our team.

Restech is a small group of talented people led by a young, female robotics teacher, Ms Zan Nadeem.

Zan has been teaching kids how to make robots and how  to code for about 8 years now. Her high level of student retention - yep, the kids keep coming back - and recommendations from staff are testament to the fact that students have a lot of fun and learn loads too.

She says:

"It is this delicate mixture of 'wow, this is exciting' and 'ok, I don't know how to do that and its quite challenging' that we focus on in our workshops. Getting that balance right is something we do uniquely well here at Restech and why our workshops and courses are so popular.

Before I turn up at a school, students (and often staff) have a very fixed idea of what an engineer or roboticist looks like, so its a refreshing experience to be taught this technical subject by a lady and also by someone who was very new to all of this a few years back."

Zan has a first class degree in Robotics, but started it with only an interest in how things work and  and little actual experience.

"Going through that steep learning curve, at the time was really scary. But now I realise it makes me a much better teacher for students and staff alike. I completely understand what they are going through and which bits they will struggle to grasp if taught in a traditional way... this is something other engineers are not very good at and thus don't make very good teachers. It also shows what one can achieve when inspired by the right people."

2. Our experience

We have worked with thousands and thousands of students, staff and organisations. The projects we have run, the challenges that we have faced - and, yes, the mistakes that we have made - is what makes us so successful today.

Time and again our feedback is excellent and our students are highly engaged. So whatever you have in mind, whether it's a one hour workshop or a project that lasts several weeks - do get in touch and see if we can help you to meet your objectives.

3. Our resources

We live and breathe education, any kits that we use with students or recommend to schools go through vigorous testing and critique. The resources we develop and the content we teach is based on experience, we focus on helping students and schools meet their goals. We will never turn up with robot kits just because they are the latest fad or snazzy, only if we know the students will gain some valuable learning from them. The kits we use, particularly the kits we develop ourselves, tie in with your current topics and will help improve student engagement, exam technique and results. 

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