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Restech's Online Robotics Learning Platform

Changing the way you learn robotics online.
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What is it?

With so many kits available to buy and so many programming languages to learn, as a teacher or parent it can get confusing.

Where do you start with your child/students?

How do you know that they are learning the right stuff and that the knowledge will be useful later on?

What do you do once you've bought a brand new kit? How do you keep the kids interested?

That's why we're putting together this online learning platform.

As well as having the usual 'how to' and 'getting started' guides for a range of the most useful kits, it also offers something more unique.

The learning platform will combine online with real world learning. It will be fully interactive and social.

Sign up today to keep up with all the latest updates and to access our first set of guides -  we'll tell you more soon.