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Workshops for Primary Schools

They'll remember you for years to come...

Make those memories special

What's included in a primary workshop?

Our workshops are tailored, not just to the computing curriculum, but also to your curriculum and learning objectives.

Together, we work out your long term goals and what content is most beneficial for your students, staff and school as a whole.

We put together a project or workshop that makes sense for you. Giving you the stepping stones you need to ensure your students are inspired and engaged, your schemes of work are up to date, and your staff improve their teaching even more.

Your school as a whole should be a great place for learning and our workshops help you to keep it that way.

Science Themed

We'll blast off to space, respond to light levels or even do some data based robot exploration - let us know what topics you need to cover and we'll put together something awesome. 

Special Week/Event

Looking for a kick start to a themed week for your school, or perhaps an exciting enrichment day. You're in the right place, get in touch.

An important topic

Need to bring a topic to life? Would you like a real world expert to answer your students' questions? Talk to us, let's make it a topic they won't forget.


Yep, inspiring students for STEM subjects and careers is still a massive challenge. But we've got the solution; with our workshops kids have so much fun, many of them start doing more in their own time.

Needless to say, we get booked VERY quickly and in advance, so don't miss out - get in touch.

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