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Why robot vacuum cleaners are cool

Kids love robots, but the question of why kids should learn about robots comes down to the fascinating combination of science and technology behind them. In this respect, robot vacuum cleaners are no different.

There can't be many things better in domestic life than sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea and your feet up, while your robotic friend happily goes about the task of hoovering your carpet or hard floor. Unlike when you attempt the job, it actually gets right into those tight corners, and even offers sterilisation via UV application, as well as a mopping function. 

A product of the robotic age

Their fantastic ability to perform assigned tasks efficiently is one of the reasons why, as in the past, the future of robots looks to be rooted in helping us to do jobs, or taking them off our hands entirely. Having originally backed away from the development of robot vacuum cleaners, Dyson have thrown their weight behind the 360 Eye, which maps out floors systematically, and provides an app for convenient remote access. Dyson are by no means the first producer of robot vacuum cleaners, but their entrance into the market underlines that we are living now in a robotic age when it comes to both domestic and industrial tasks. 

Doing it for the kids

The biggest fan of most domestic robotic vacuum cleaners are typically kids. They love to watch the magic unfold before their eyes, and hardly ever get bored of seeing the clever little devices at work. Robot kits for kids can help them develop this excitement into something very positive indeed for their future. An interest in robots and a curiosity about how they work can form the foundation of a lifelong passion for science and technology - a very viable career path in the modern day.