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Let's bring Awesome to your classroom.

You need a young, female robotics teacher
to inspire them and break down those stereotypes...

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We're adding more awesomeness to workshops for 2018/2019


Yep, the curriculum keeps changing. So what's the answer? Stay up to date and keep learning.

Our training is different, we guide you as you learn and we'll have you up to speed in a few months. And, yes, its affordable.


We use robots to teach students programming and important computational thinking skills. With a range of kits that progress with your students; they are inspired, engaged and get better results.


Looking to enhance your child's education? Our robot sessions are great for kids to make friends and learn new skills.


Get started or learn a new skill with robotics.
Our brand new learning platform has launched!!


An exciting set of new robotics kits for teachers, that will save you time and money.


Looking for resources? Want to build your own kit? We've chosen only the best kits and components to stock in our shop. Anything that's fun and useful, you'll find here.

Let's put the fun back in computing


  • “"A fabulous way to engage students in ICT, with excellent resources and amazing expertise than most schools can offer. Zan has been a fantastic addition to the school and I will continue to use her.”

    Head of ICT, Secondary School, Bristol
  • “Our topic this term is Robots, so thought this would be a good workshop for year 3 + 4. Zan was fantastic with the way she handled all children, behaviour techniques and delivery of the workshop. Children found Zan very approachable which helped with their enthusiasm towards the workshop. Highly recommended for all children, no matter the topic! : )”

    Year 3 Teacher, Primary School
  • “Yes I like her because she is a friendship and welcoming and supportive. She makes us feel enjoy. (Zan)

    The battle of robot (favourite part) Great, high quality, adventure and fun (describing the workshop)”

    Student from a workshop for deaf students

Hi, Welcome to Restech, an award winning, social enterprise that specialise in Robotics Education.

We show young students the world of robots. Providing the knowledge and resources so they can create their own; in an exciting, all inclusive environment. Working with forward thinking schools, parents and organisations; delivering in aspirational locations.

We add spark and open doors for the minds of the future.

If you are a school or parent who would like to do the same, get in touch.

    Thanks for getting in touch, we'll get back to you shortly.

    3,000+ Students have learnt new skills and increased confidence with our courses

    5,000+ Students and adults know more about robots from our workshops

    Approx 40% of our students are girls

    (That was the last time we counted, imagine what those figures must be now!)

    Make your computing curriculum explosive.

    With the change in the computing curriculum, robots for schools are increasingly in demand. As a teacher you may be looking for resources to start a club or robot kits to use in your lessons, but where do you start? How can you maximise your budgets, increase student engagement and still tick all of the boxes for the examining board?

    Get in touch with us. Our robot workshops for schools have received 100% positive feedback, our staff training for schools is gaining in popularity.

    If all you need is some general advice, drop us a line and we're happy to help, (no expectations to book).

    Our mission is simple, we want to help you maximise your resources so that kids not only learn lots, but become equipped to be independent learners.

    As a parent, ensuring your child gets the best education and positive experiences are hugely important. With all the talk about coding, programming, computer science, robots, robot kits for kids and pies, it can probably get quite confusing.

    Where do you start? And how do you know that what your child is learning or the kits that you are buying are worthwhile?

    If you need your questions answered, drop us a line - we are happy to help.

    If you are looking for robot workshops for kids, somewhere your child can learn how to make a robot with different kits and resources why not try our iLearning sessions?

    Enjoyable learning with a Professional touch