3. Serial.begin(baud rate – speed of communication)

The arduino is able to communicate via serial communication and this instruction tells the arduino to set it up. The most commonly used baud rate is 9600 and will work when using the serial window that is part of the arduino software.

Serial.begin(9600) this always goes in the void setup( ) function.


Serial.println(“the words that you want to appear on screen”)

Serial.print(“the words that you want to appear on  screen”)

This command is used to print words on your screen, they come up when you click the magnifying glass which opens the serial window. This instruction goes in the void loop( ) function – what is the difference between the two instructions above?

5. Bits and pieces

Every instruction must end with a semi-colon ;

Curly brackets are used to start and end a block of code, all of your code for each function must be between the two brackets { }