Making decisions:

Once you’ve got your led flashing and words printing on screen, you may want to add a bit of sophistication.

For example only switch your led on when a button is pressed, or print a different sentence.

To do this you will use an if statement:

If(the thing that you want to check)


  if its true, these instructions will run




 if its not true, these instructions will run instead.


Also, there will be times when you want to repeat the same set of instructions and instead of writing them out lots of times you can use the for statement.

For(int i=0; i<8; i++)


 repeat these instructions 8 times


This may seem a bit confusing at first, so lets break it up:

For( int I =0;  This part is the beginning of the for loop, and it starts by declaring an integer variable. You need this variable to act as a counter.

The next part:

 i<8; while our integer i is less than 8

i++  add one to i

So, as long as i is less than 8, it will repeat the instructions that are between the curly brackets.

As soon as i is equal to 8, it will stop and move on to the next part of the code.

The best way to get your head round this is to write a program that uses a for loop and play around with it.