1. Lego Mindstorms – yep, whether it’s the RCX, NXT or EV3, there is something about this classic that has inspired kids to get into robots and STEM and we think it will continue to do so for quite some time.


  1. Arduino – Finally, someone broke down the terrible user design barriers that stopped a lot of people being able to program and make. Awesome.


  1. 3 Wheel drive robot kit from Nexus Robots – perfect for the serious Roboticists.


  1. VEX and VEX IQ: Different, which is what we like at Restech. Both kits are hugely popular and gaining massive traction. They are durable and offer countless opportunities to kids and teachers.


  1. Turtle/Logo – this one has been inspiring kids since before we were young, Restech’s founders still remember using it!


  1. Abilix kit – Similar to Lego and VEX, making waves in the international markets.


  1. Edge Robotic Arm – The perfect way to teach control and look at different programming tasks, and its easy to add microcontrollers and modify.


  1. NAO – A cute little humanoid robot, perfect for the educational setting.


  1. Line following robot kit – a cute little dude, great for getting the youngsters interested


  1. Lego Wedo – Another Lego brand, but their WeDo kit is great for lower KS2