Why schools should invest in workshops

Schools have tiny budgets; in all honesty, they don’t really have enough to provide the kind of resources that kids should have - we would love to see a dedicated robots arena in every ICT suite, but for some schools that will never be a possibility. 

When we look at the resources some of the big independents’ have, we know that in an ideal world, all students should have access to the same kind of equipment.

But unfortunately we don’t have that magic wand to wave, the only realistic thing that can be done is for each and every school to spend their budgets wisely. Which of course, many do.

But there is one thing that all teachers should consider purchasing – school workshops.

Yes you’re right; we would say that, we’re biased. Robot workshops for schools is our specialism.

But there is more than just bias behind this article.

Using external experts to run workshops for your students has so many benefits. There is so much excitement and curiosity that builds up when a visitor comes to the school – even more so when that visitor has got kit!

So straight away the students’ interests are piqued and they’re ready to listen, engage and get involved.

Secondly, no one, including teachers, can or is expected to be specialists in everything. A teacher’s role is to give his/her students the best education both academically and socially. Part of this is to give students’ as many different experiences and interactions with different people and activities as possible.

When you hire someone to provide a workshop you are getting more than just an activity. Its something that you may not be able to provide by yourself.

It gives students a taste of someone else’s teaching style and the chance to ask them questions on their background and area of expertise.

Workshop providers are often specialists in a very small niche and give insight and perspectives to students that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. 

We’re not saying that booking lots of workshops are the best way to spend your budget.

But they are something that every teacher should consider particularly when it comes to a technical subject – like robot workshops – or something more unique like a circus skills workshop.

When doing so, gather as much info as you can on both the company and the individual – is there anything unique about them? Do they have a sense of humour? How often do they run their workshops?

We are, of course, female led and experts in teaching robotics with a focus on puzzle solving. So we know our field and, passively, we are breaking down stereotypes and giving students’ some very unique insights.