We have a wide range of robot toys here at Restech’s robot shop.

Most of the robot toys are basic robot kits, this means that there will be some robot building required in order to get the robots up and running. 

Robot kits for kids are becoming more and more popular now, due to the large maker movement and the affordability and rise of hobbyist kits, including Arduino.

And, as most people are now aware, the government is pushing for digital skills, computer science, programming and creativity to be taught in schools, right from reception onwards.

Sparking childrens’ interest in robot toys is a great way for them to get making and start developing the logical thinking skills they need and getting used to the idea of breaking big tasks down into step by step instructions. 

Of course this doesn’t have to be kids making robots by themselves, there are now plenty of maker spaces and workshops available for kids, big kids and adults.

Workshops on robots, programming, arduino, app making etc. are all a great way for children to hang out with like minded friends and do something productive that will help them as they grow up. 

They will develop social and soft skills and have a better idea of the kinds of things involved in STEM subjects and careers.

Our range of wooden mech robot kits are great for children aged around 7 – 10. The robomech has been one of the most popular kits and is a great way to introduce children to gearing and basic movement concepts.

The cute little line follower robot is perfect for primary and lower secondary school kids as whilst the circuit is already made, there is plenty of scope to look at how it works and why it behaves the way it does.

For older kids and schools looking for kits to use in lessons, we recommend one of our chassis products. These come with motors and gears and a fairly sturdy base which you can attach an arduino to (or raspberry pi) and have a robot up and running fairly quickly. 

We are of course specialists in robot workshops and cover Bristol, Bath, Somerset, surrounding areas and also some parts of London.

If your school is based in/around these areas do get in touch as we have already helped lots of schools to understand more about robotics and programming and how to integrate everything into their curriculum.

If you are a parent looking for workshops for robot building and you live in Bristol or have easy access to the city, get in touch as we run a regular robot-building club, called iLearning, for 10 – 14 year olds. It’s a lot of fun, we loads of laughs, events and prizes and the current members are a great friendly bunch.