About us

Restech is a social enterprise whose expertise is showing young students how to design, build and program robots.

We work with young students, parents, teachers and large organisations who all have a common interest: to increase their knowledge, activities and resources on Robotics, Programming and Computer Science.

Our focus is on making this learning as fun and valuable as possible and we have both written and verbal feedback that students who work with us love our sessions, increase in confidence and develop both engineering and soft skills.

Restech is spearheaded and supported by people who are at the forefront of Robotics Education and who are passionate and dedicated to Restech's work. 

We are the experts in this field, established in 2008, and highly recommended by all who work with us. By buying from us you are supporting an organisation that is committed to education; working with young people to provide them with resources and knowledge that help them become independant, proactive learners, and, potentially, roboticists of the future.