Robot kits, and we also mean electronics and mechanical kits, are great for kids - and adults wishing to learn a new skilll- because even with the most basic kits and components you learn a huge amount.

We often work with students who say 'I'm not good at Maths' or 'I'm not very teccy' and even 'Computers are boring' (Shock!Horror!) - but its these kids that we've been able to get completely stuck in with robots and programming - and they're really good at it too!

Robotics is great for students who see themselves as academic and have high logical type IQs as its a great outlet for their intelligence - the tiniest problem will keep them occupied for hours, trust us on that one - and, in our personal opinion, the robotics industry is fairly stable in terms of jobs, careers and enterprise/start-ups.

For other students who see themselves as not the 'school-type' or perhaps are more creative and have different types of intelligence, robotics can still be an outlet for all of that. There are large elements of programming that require different types of thinking, robots need to be designed for different sectors and a range of environments, and of course, its perfect to engage them in the subjects that they don't like, but which - much to their dissapointment - are still compuslory in school.

We need kids with a range of personalities to join the robotics industry (revolution?), otherwise, we'll end up with one very specfific type of group who only speak geek, the result being that no one can understand the work that they are doing and everything then becomes hugely inaccessible... we are grateful for arduino...